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Dive deep into the world of The Cosmos to connect & align to your authentic path.

Connect to the Divine all around you

Astrology, Tarot & Mediumship are incredible ways we can connect deeply to spirit and the cosmos to connect to who we truly are and receive guidance on our path as we walk through life.

In awe of the magic that surrounds us in every moment, these are channels that help us see and experience truth, love and light in a profound, unforgettable way.

This is what greater spirituality has shown me since I can remember; connection to spirit and the cosmos have lit the way for a deep, clear meaning to life.

 In Service to Spirit, the Cosmos & You


Explore your cosmic blueprint within

Astrology Chart Readings

A deep dive into your birth chart – a map of your soul – looking at all areas of your life and the prominent energies that surround you. Astrology shows us where we shine and where we need to surrender in a beautifully divine way.

Connecting to life in Spirit

Spiritual Mediumship Readings

Connect with your loved ones who are watching over us in spirit, through a Spiritual Mediumship reading that brings comfort, guidance and confirmation of life after life.

Tap into the energy that surrounds you

Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

With the use of traditional tarot drawing on the wisdom of the Kabbalah and oracle cards, tarot readings offer a deep insight for wisdom, healing and guidance for what is happening in your life experience right now.

I feel that finding Michelle for my tarot reading was a true blessing!

 Michelle’s calm and welcoming energy created a comfortable space for the session. 

Michelle is so in tune and talented and that really shone through during our session. As she revealed each card, she explained what they meant and provided her insight into how they applied to my story.  Each card revealed new layers of meaning and offered guidance on different aspects of my life. 

Michelle’s kindness and unwavering presence during the tarot reading created an atmosphere of genuine support, making me feel truly seen and understood throughout the insightful session.

Highly recommend!

Sian G

The answers surround us, we just need to know where to look

How it works

What reading is best for me?

While all readings can give you deep comfort and clarity, they do have distinct differences and best for different points in your journey.


Astrology is best for understanding your unique energy blueprint, life energies and embrace full authenticity. Astrology shows where challenges may occur and which gifts and talents you need to lean into to overcome them. It also shows where you are more compatible with others and a higher level of energy that is with you now and in the future.


Tarot readings are exceptionally good for those who enjoy visually seeing confirmation of messages as well as channelled spirit guidance. Tarot touches beautifully on current energies, what’s hidden or in challenge, and what energies are open to you at that present time.


Mediumship is best to connect to loved ones in Spirit and receive guidance from them and your spirit guides for what’s occurring in your life and journey.


You can have either of these readings, choosing the right time for you when you feel it.


What is astrology?

Astrology is the study of cosmological bodies, the stars, constellations, planets & luminaries. The interpretations of these are based on mathematical & geographical calculations, and the energies imprinted have been used across many different cultures for centuries. Studying the astrology when you were born shows what energies impact every aspect of your life.

What’s Spiritual Mediumship?

Spiritual Mediumship differs from many other ways of channelling, such as tarot cards, psychic mediumship and personal objects (psychometry).
With Spiritual Mediumship the reading is delivered 1-1, channelling messages directly from spirit primarily through clairvoyance (see), clairaudience (hear) or clairsentience (feel). 

What’s Tarot?

Tarot is a divination tool that taps into current energy all around you, especially accurate in combination with channelled spirit messages from guides in spirit. Intrinsically linked to the wisdom of the Kabbalah, tarot cards offer a visually clear and accurate way to guide on day to day and life transformational energies.

When is the best time to have a reading?

When you are open to it and feel the pull to have a reading, that’s usually when the time is right.

For Astrology, there are different types of chart readings, but they are all once in a lifetime readings.

A mediumship reading is connecting with Spirit and channels messages for that person, at that time of their life. Therefore, a person can have multiple readings – although its best to not have a reading too often, leaving a gap of around once per year or more.

As Tarot leans into day to day energies as well as life learning and personal transformations, you can have a tarot card reading more regularly, although it’s advisable to have one every 6-12 months. 


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